Welcome to Locked Away Prison's buycraft Page! Here is will you will find Donation Packages for In-Game Items, as well as Donor Ranks! Donating is the best way to help the server, as well as make your in game experience the best as possible.

Question & Answer
Q: How long will it take for me to get what I donated for?
A: Well, buycraft can take anywhere from 1-5 Minutes. If you have donated, and you have not recieved your items after the time specified, please contact a Warden or Sr Warden in game. Please allow 24-48 Hours for a warden to assist you.

Q: I donated for less than unlimited donor days, when my time runs out, will I be charged automatically?
A: No, if you wish to donate again, you must go through the same process as before, and if you do not wish to donate again, you have nothing to worry about.

Q: I donated, but I got nothing?
A: Please contact a Warden in game, and remember, if you're lieing about donating, that is a ban-able offense.

By donating to the server, you understand and agree to the following statements
- You are not exempt from the rules, no matter the amount you've donated.
- If banned, you will NOT recieve a refund, and if you're unhappy with what you recieve, the same applies. No refunds will be given.
- If donating the "Nick Name" Donation, your chosen nick name must reference the actual name of your registered Minecraft account.
-If donating for in-game items, the items will be given to you one time only, this meaning, if you die with said Item, don't bother asking for another.